women in headstand wearing only under garmentsSo I have been wanting to get into the fashion side of yoga for a long time now especially when it comes to blogging about “what’s hot and what’s not”.  I have this vision in my head that all the yoga designers will  be sending me so many free clothes wanting me to review their new line.  The door bell will ring so often with free creme de la creme yoga fashions and accesories that it will become a disturbance.

SO here is yoga fashion blog number 1 en route to a famously succesful yoga fashion mogul career.

Yoga has many fashion disasters and here is one you can avoid.


Buy great yoga underwear. I have been exploring the topic of yoga panties for many years now. I know as much if not more about yoga underwear as I do about cobra pose and downward facing dog.  Because we don’t see it on others, we don’t really go around asking- who’s brand of innerwear do you wear? The only question we may ask eachother about this subject is Do you or don’t you wear anything underneath your Hardtail? This basically means we are on our own here ladies. I have done the research, spent the money and dying to share and officially be your Panty Guru.

Fashion starts from the inside out

Yoga underwear is the most important part of the outfit. I am more familiar with yoga underwear than I am any other part of the ensemble.  It is the first thing you put on when you are dressing for yoga;  It is also the last thing you take off when you undress.  For this reason alone it is sacred.  Way back when I was a newcomer to the underwear dilemma. I was buying Patagonia, they seemed great at the time but now I am experienced enough to introduce you to the real world of yoga innerwear, to reveal your own inner sheen which is brilliant and infinite. I dress for the Divine, it is part of my puja, my offering of myself when I come to the mat.

DO you wear anything under your yoga pants?

This blog is not to discuss the pluses and minuses – to wear or not to wear, that is truly a personal preference. I am assuming if you are reading this that you already do.

I am sitting here in my new Zhoba thong. This is what encouraged me to write this blog in the first place. It is the thinnest underwear and silkiest I have felt even compared to Commando. (Commando is actually a brand , this to all my Seinfeld readers.) Commando is awesome! Like the name implies, it feels like you have nothing on. They are $20 which is a lot for how little material they really are.  In this case, it is a classic scenario of “less is more”.

Hanky Panky’s are really great for the transition into thong. You will feel quite pretty and sexy in your lace Hanky Pankys and they come in a rainbow of colors to match any tank. These retail for about $18 so making them mid range in the high end line. Here I recommend the low rise. This brand comes in first in its minimal impact of the environment for its packaging which is part of it’s signature,  so we love you for that.

Commando has leopard and zebra and are perfect for an “Eye of the Tiger” practice. They really are more comfortable than any thong I have ever worn. They are $20. Now except for the animal prints, I recommend the nude and the black.  There are  a couple of other colors, but nothing to text your boyfriend about. It is best he imagine you in the leopard which happen to look great with Ughs if he should happen to be so fortunate.

Do try the new kid on the block and buy the Zhoba. They have the boyshort and the thong. They come in aqua, raspberry, nude and black.   They are silkier and shinier than Commando. You can get them locally  at Atlanta Activewear in Virgina Highlands.  They are between $16-$20 depending on the style and where you get them. They are not as skimpy as Commando so you may prefer them if you want a little more material for your dollar. I love mine.

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