Yoga makes you sexy. It is irrefutable. Is there anyone that does yoga that would ever deny that this is a truism? Do you know one person that does yoga that does not feel better about themselves after a short time of practicing? When we feel better, we look better. We feel brighter. It really only takes one class to ignite the sexy gene. Yoga helps us connect to our inner beauty, to the light that is always there even on the darkest days. Yoga opens our curtain and lets our light out while drawing the light in simultaneously. We call this light Shri aka as the yoga glow. It is a divine luster that radiates. It is the same luster you see in a sunset or a rainbow if you take the time to experience it in all its fullness.

It is not as if you need another reason to do yoga but just in case you know anyone that needs a little more persuading, I recommend this reason. Yoga makes you sexy period. When you move your body with awareness and intention, when you move from the inside out, when you get yourself into positions and open your body in ways that would never happen accidentally, you feel more free. You don’t feel trapped in your body but instead you connect to the spirit within you that just wants to dance. Moving your body and breathing more fully awakens our prana, our life force. This Shri is contagious. You are drawn to people that have it and people that want it are drawn to you. You begin to attract more positive energy and light around you and you naturally turn from those that don’t enhance your life. It is the most natural thing in the world. No longer do you have to dwell in what is negative in your life but instead connect to all that is sacred.

Now if you still don’t believe me that yoga makes you sexy, do your own research. Women that do yoga age beautifully, their inner peace reverberates outward. They get more beautiful not less. I know so many beautiful yogis that are nearing 50 and 60. They look better and feel better than they ever have in their life. You can see the luster in their eyes, on their skin, they smile from within; they possess the wisdom  of The Universe and they know it. They Dance with the Divine.   As we move into a new era of consciousness, yoga is the new black. Everyone wears it well!